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The problem:
Centralex wanted to create a cryptocurrency exchange at a crossroads. The exchange needed to have the full feature set needed by pro traders, while still offering a simple on-ramp for newcomers.

Centralex screenshot

Do it better.
Do it smarter.

We began by analyzing the building blocks of a professional trading platform. Then we took them apart to their basic elements and rebuilt them to be smarter and easier to use.


Each component of the trading view is a modular block that is designed to be responsive. This means that the whole view can be picked up off a multi-monitor display to a phone without loss of functionality.


Market trading views have a lot of data on them. We paid special attention to the details that turn noise into signal. From the typography used on data to the impact of hover and gesture, every detail of the interface was tuned to how traders need to react.

Built for

Reactive order forms with a slider to choose which percentage of your current holdings to spend. One click to match an order. Constant uptime monitoring. A suite of simple tools for marking favorite pairs, and discovering new ones.

Hong Kong
Centralex on Laptop

Full power.

Centralex’s launch in Hong Kong required that the platform be responsive to the lifestyle of the modern trader. As such, the system was designed to allow traders to securely link their Centralex account to a native mobile application designed for trading on the train.

Centralex on Phone
Centralex on Phone & Tablet

Trading with your thumbs

It was crucially important that Centralex be at full power even when the trader was away form his or her desk. In some cases, we believe that the mobile and tablet apps were even faster and more powerful than the full desktop platform. Here’s why.

Gesture Design

Move between Order Books, Charts and a Hybrid view by swiping with your thumb. Then pinch to zoom, and tap to open a trade. The information architecture was so simple to navigate it felt flat, even though there was significant depth.

Perfect for

After conducting interviews, we learned that traders love tablets. Centralex was designed with several tablet-unique interface details, such as the quick-buy/sell, which was designed to sit directly under the thumb when using the tablet one-handed.

Be Early

The app is designed across platforms to allow for fast trading. This is done via UX details like tap-to-trade Order Books, but also by providing a load-balanced connection with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime with our partner Amazon's AWS.

Fast Architecture

The trading platform takes care of thousands of trades per hour ranging from $1 to $5,000,000. This means that overall platform security should be top-notch. Our software architects came up with a unique technical design to cover all the attack vectors of the platform.

The platform consists of several micro services living inside compartmentalized network segments (or 'containers'). Any connection to and from the outside world is being monitored thoroughly by an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to continually learn from new connection patterns.

A load-balanced cluster of web servers handles the client tasks such as order placement, account login, and mobile app linking. The orders are being saved in a database and processed in batches by the micro services.

Platform Operators have their own way into the platform via a dedicated VPN solution, giving them access to dashboard to manage compliance and financial tasks.

A NAT Gateway gives access to the notification services for some of the internal micro services. Think of mobile push notifications, SMS, and password reset emails. We also made it possible to register trades on external blockchains to make trading on the Centralex platform more transparent to its clients.

Familiar but Better

Familiar but Better

We worked to integrate several features to help beginners feel comfortable while also boosting seasoned pros. Open Markets and you’ll see what’s Trending, what’s Next, and what your Favorites are. Simple, clear icons and familiar patterns help anchor the experience and keep it human-sized.

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