Diwan Diwan


The Middle East’s leading bookstore gets a makeover and brand refresh.

Brand Refresh and Digital Redesign, 2020

We collaborated with Diwan to refresh their brand and roll out a new digital presence alongside other brand collateral. The new brand was inspired by a vibrant tradition of Arabic calligraphy, and Diwan’s position as a bridge between East and West.

Diwan webstore
Local artists

Working with local artists Adham Bakry and Mahmoud Atef, we developed a unique calligraphy piece that was then used as a layered pattern in store, online, and even on a truck.

Bag design

Bag design for retail stores. With Adham Bakry and Mahmoud Atef.

Gift box

This box was designed as an experiment in monthly subscriptions. Boxes were shipped to customers monthly based on themes such as Wellness, Arabic voices, and Children’s books.


Diwan’s bookmobile design concept.

Tote bag

Tote bag.