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Defensive Interactive

The problem:
During the rise of ISIS in the middle east, a global problem emerged. In many countries far from the battlefield, citizens were packing up and leaving to join the terrorists. To be addressed, this global issue needed global coordination. The problem was, each country kept records in their own way, and data sharing was difficult and inefficient.

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Visualize the solution

The solution:
In cooperation with the hugely talented team at Vignette Interactive, we set out to create a digital solution to this global problem. The data shared by each nation was translated into narratives and clear visuals to help policy makers, politicians, and academics coordinate on solutions.

Focus on

Dense spreadsheets had to be made intuitive without losing the high-resolution details of the original data. Maps and other metaphors were used not only as visualization but as navigational elements to structure the experience.


We needed the data to speak, in a way that made it possible for governments to make smart policy. Our visualizations were designed to show both wide trends and human-scale details.

Share Best

The policy makers in member nations needed to collaborate; not only on data-sharing, but on legal frameworks and law enforcement best practices. Thus, the application was built to support user commenting and deep sharing, all within a secure single sign on.

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Battlefield to Courtroom

The application was designed to be thoroughly interlinked. The core interactive features were interwoven so that one could move quickly from looking at data about a nation’s rate of foreign fighters, to viewing the exact phrasing of their anti-human smuggling legislation in only two clicks.

Knowledge Hub France


The entire platform was built to keep sensitive data private. This helped encourage more nations to participate and freely share the information they had. We were proud to integrate into the single sign on of the Global Counter Terrorism Task Force (GCTF).


Along overarching themes and visual overviews, policy makers needed to access raw data and deep academic insights. Thus each interactive had overlays allowing users to view source material and analysis in a single click.

Make Policy
Make Sense

As sweeping international declarations and memoranda were issued, we turned these into features which allowed users to study the live status of global implementation. Not only the battlefield was brought to life, but the legal state of play in each member nation.

At the U.N. General Assembly

The Knowledge Hub was demoed at the U.N. General Assembly in New York as part of a workshop on counterterrorism hosted by the Global Counter Terrorism Task Force (GCTF). The end result was a tool that allowed policy makers to view in one narrative visual the impact their decisions were having on a live global crisis, and compare their own responses to their global peers.

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