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Simple is better.

The problem:
More young adults are anxious than ever before, and studies show that common UX patterns in social media could be partially to blame. If mobile phones contribute to the global anxiety crisis, can they also be used to help it? We wanted to try to help, so we made Worrydolls.

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Science and Magic

The solution:
Worrydolls gives you a tiny doll, and let’s you tell your worry to the doll. The concept came out of some background research into cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness exercises. It was then translated into a very simple experience.


The app opens by offering you a doll to tell your first worry to. Simple, clear onboarding is essential to any application, especially if you want to inspire trust.


The app asks users to share their deepest fears, so writing calm, clear copy was essential. The voice of Worrydolls is uplifting, empathetic, and careful not to make assumptions about the user.


Typical UX patterns praise the user for completing an action. But what if the action (worrying) is what you want to reduce? We cycled through a few quick iterations to land upon the right balance of “good job” and “it will be okay.”

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One app, all platforms

Worrydolls was built on a Flutter framework that allowed us to spin it up quickly and launch it in an extremely lean way. From sketching to prototype to live app all took place within a few months, and the app is compatible for iOS and Android.

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Shortly after being launched, the app hit #1 in the Philippines, and consistently breaks the top 100 in category in China. This was despite being written in English. This was a good proof of concept that clear UX design can speak any language.


Soon after this success, we were approached by some of our community members with offers to translate. We like to think local, so all of our apps are designed and coded with localization in mind. Now, we are live in 6 languages and growing.


As Worrydolls continues to grow, what started as a fun experiment turned into a very humbling response. We now have over 500 reviews with an average of 4.8 stars on the iOS App store.

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